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Our team of experienced lawyers are ready to assist you and is fully equipped to provide our legal expertise on matters you require assistance with.

The firm has successfully defended clients over its 32 years of practice, and we wish to extend our services to you too.

Contact our exclusive criminal law team to find out what we can help you with.

- Expertise in criminal law
- Specialists in criminal prosecution and defence
- Notable record of success
- Personalised focus and care


It is common to feel hesitant or uneasy while planning for the succession of your wealth. Nonetheless, making advance arrangements for your future and financial affairs is a very important step to take.

Drafting a Will and Testament is the only way to ensure that all real estates and personal properties will be bequeathed accordingly to your wish.

Our lawyers will utilise their extensive experience to guide you along the journey and offer you professional advice to put your mind at ease.


After a personal loss, we understand that it is stressful to deal with the process of probate and administration of the deceased person's will.

That is why our team of caring and professional probate lawyers is always ready to assist you in settling your affairs.

We make the process of applying for probate or letters of administration as straightforward as possible.


Entrust your conveyancing transactions to us, and you will be guaranteed professional advice which will give you a clear picture of the entire conveyancing process.

The conveyancing team’s vast experience and perspective will help you to effectively navigate the area of conveyancing transactions, including all the prevailing laws, rules and regulations. The team will also advise you throughout the entire process, and ensure that your conveyancing goes through smoothly.

Accident Claims

If your personal injuries are caused by a third party, damages can be claimed as compensation provided there is proof. Find out more about how personal injuries can be claimed before taking any action.

Our team can advise you on your eligibility for compensation, as well as the duration of claims.

It is important to have the best possible independent advice in order to assess the value and potential success of your compensation claim.

Tenancy Agreements

Tenancy law governs the relationship between a landlord and his tenant – a common case being property rental.

A tenancy agreement should clearly define the period of each rental, the amount of rent payable and payment dates. It should also deal with any deposit that has been paid.

It is best to engage legal professionals to go over all relevant documents to ensure that there are no ambiguous or conflicting clauses. More importantly, legal professionals are able to guarantee that all clauses comply with the law.

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