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  • Malaysian woman discharged of abetment of importation of methamphetamine.

    In a rare move, a woman facing a capital charge for allegedly importing drugs was freed on Thursday by a district court after having spent 13 months' in a maximum security jail. Ms Ting Swee Ling, 33, was issued with a discharge

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  • High Court quashes drink-driving conviction

    He spent two weeks in jail, was banned from the road and had to pay a $4,000 fine. But Mr Daniel Au has now been cleared after his drink-driving conviction was quashed, in a rare move by the High Court. The 39-year-old was acquitted after the judge heard he did not actually drive the car,

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  • 2 students cleared of robbery on appeal to High Court

    Two students jailed for 31/2 years each for robbery had their convictions quashed yesterday after a High court judge found that the prosecution's case was, "full of unacceptable gaps". Sri Lankans Jayasekara Arachchilage Hemantha Neranjan Gamini, 20 and Jullian

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  • Man who sat on a stabbed man multiple times to death sentenced to 9 years only

    He is a danger to the society with his violent streak and disregard for authority. The evidence: The way he stabbed the victim 11 times. His previous criminal offences also reveal his violent nature – a result of his anti social personality disorder.Such a person has a high risk of re-offending in the future and needs to be kept behind bars for the rest of his life.

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  • Husband who suffered from morbid jealousy and sentenced to death for sub-decapitating wife with brand new chopper wins appeal in Court of Appeal

    Cabby who hacked his unfaithful wife to death two years ago was yesterday saved from the gallows, when the court of Appeal set aside his murder conviction.

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  • Jail term for cheat halved to 6 months' on appeal to High Court

    A businessman who downloaded another company’s website onto his own and used it to cheat an Iranian businessman out of about $73,500 had his sentence halved by the Chief Justice after an appeal. Cutting the one-year jail term to six months', Chief Justice Yong Pung, How said he disagreed with district judge Valerie Thean's

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  • 3 men cleared of extortion

    Three men accused of trying to extort $28,000 from a 36-year-old warehouse supervisior wre acquitted yesterday. The trio – construction contractor Tor Seng Cheong, 42; Mr Teo Keng Chai, 50, Unemployed; and renovation contractor Tan Hock Lian, 43 – were alleged to have accused Mr. Liew Choon Heng, a married man, of having sex with Mr. Tor’s mistress. For this, they were said to have demanded compensation from him at a coffee shop

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  • Commando with SAF granted absolute discharge on appeal to High Court after being sentenced

    Second Warrant Officer Raymond Michael D’Cotta’s impeccable service record has come to his rescue. D’Cotta, 41, who was arrested last December for getting into a drunken brawl with a police officer has been let off with a suspension and a $500 fine.

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  • Man who hit wife on the head with a chopper, fined only

    Two couples, two knives. One woman attacks her husband with a knife. A man takes a chopper to his wife, Both end up in court. The Knife wielders are fined but not jailed. The couples reconcile. Still, it shows that when things get heated, it’s better to stay out of kitchen. He hit wife with chopper after drinks. A district judge yesterday ticked off a man for hitting his wife on the head with the blunt edge of a chopper when they quarrelled one night.

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  • Expat who molested waitress gets charge compounded after paying $2,000

    A night out at a pub in Boat Quay landed a British expatriate in the dock on Tuesday after he allegedly molested a waitress and then pushed a policeman who was trying to get him into the lock-up at a police station. In court on Tuesday, Timothy Mark Alden, 30, paid $2,000 to have the molest charge compounded

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  • Dog killer who was sentenced to 3 months' jail succeeds on appeal, sentence reduced to fine only

    Businessman Michael Gracia, 32, who was sentenced to three months’ jail last Tuesday for killing a dog, walked out yesterday after being behind bars for only a week. Chief Justice Yong Pung How exercised his revisionary powers

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  • Jail term for maid molester reduced to fine only

    A man who was given 15 months’ jail and six strokes of the cane for molesting his Indonesian main repeatedly, had his jail term reduced to six months' on appeal. But the High Court fined Koh Siew Huat, 37, a supervisor, a total of $2,000 yesterday. Chief Justice Yong Pung How agreed with Koh’s lawyer, Mr. Peter Fernando, that two

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  • Teenager put on probation for hurting maid

    A teenage boy who burned a maid with a hot iron and scalded her with boiling water was yesterday put on probation for the maximum three years. He will spend the first year at the Bukit Batok Boy’s Hostel and then be on supervised probation. The 14-year-old boy, a Secondary 2 student cannot beamed because he is a juvenile offender.

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  • Woman and son acquitted of abetting son to scold and hurt maid

    A 37-year-old woman and her 13-year-old son were charged in court yesterday with hurting their Indonesian maid. Hartati, last month. They each face one charge of hitting Hartat, 15, on the stomach and buttocks with badminton racquets in their apartment in Meyer Road. The son faces another 10 charges

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  • Barber acquitted of raping niece by High Court without defence being called

    A man accused of raping his nine-year-old niece was acquitted by the High Court after the judge found the girl’s testimony “simply incredible”. She had claimed that she was raped by her aunt’s husband.

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  • Man on capital drug trafficking charge acquitted by High Court

    A 32-year-old pork seller’s assistant escaped the gallows when he was acquitted by the High Court of a capital drug trafficking charge without his defence being called. Judicial Commissioner Amarjit Singh on Friday accepted defence

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  • Thai woman convicted and sentenced to death for drug trafficking acquitted by Court of Appeal

    A Thai woman escaped the gallows yesterday after her appeal against conviction and sentence on a capital drug charge was allowed by a three-judge court.

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  • Man who re-appealed to Court of Appeal against conviction for murder acquitted and freed after 5 years in death row

    It took five years and 10 judges – half the present number on the Supreme Court Bench – to finally come to a decision that a man in death row should go free.

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  • 2 men who were sentenced to death for killing a maid saved from death penalty on appeal to Court of Appeal

    Two men convicted of murdering a maid escaped the gallows on appeal yesterday when they were convicted of manslaughter instead. Each was jailed eight years. Tan Chee Hwee, 23, and Joseph Soon Kim Liang, 22,

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  • Presidential pardon granted to convicted murderer who stabbed to death man who hurt his grandfather

    A death row convict, who murdered four years ago, was spared the gallows after he was granted clemency by the President on Monday. Koh Swee Beng, now 26, was sentenced to life imprisonment instead.

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  • Man who was wrongly caned 48 strokes compensated by government

    A man, convicted of armed robbery and given 48 strokes of the cane – twice the legal maximum allowed for an adult at a single trial – is suing the Government for damages and expenses. Qwek Kee Chong, 26, who was convicted in 1987, is still serving a 10-year jail sentence at Changi Prison

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  • 3 brothers released from Criminal law detention for butchering brother-in-law to death

    Three brothers, who have been detained since 1987 for the alleged murder of their brother-in-law in the infamous “curry murder” case six years ago, are challenging the legality and unlawfulness of

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  • Man successfully appealed to High Court against raping his ex-girlfriend

    A man sentenced to six years’ jail and 10 strokes of the cane on a rape charge was acquitted by an appeal court yesterday after the testimony of the alleged victim was dismissed as “inherently incredible”.

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  • Butcher acquitted of threatening female parking warden with a chopper

    A pork seller alleged to have threatened a car park attendant with a rusty knife after she gave him a parking summons, was acquitted by a court on Tues-day. Tan Kok Huah, 33, who was charged with criminal intimidation,

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  • 4 policemen successfully appealed to High Court for raping a Thai woman

    The four policemen who were freed yesterday after winning their appeal against conviction for raping a Thai prostitute, on the ground that the trial judge had not kept an open mind during the trial, will not be tried again on the same charges. This is because they have already served more than three years in jail

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  • Contractor who was sentenced to 30 months' imprisonment cleared on appeal to High Court

    The managing director of An-son Piling (S) Pte Ltd, wound up on Thursday, succeeded in his High Court appeal to quash his three convictions carrying a 30-month jail term. Goh Chong Ying, 38, was acquitted on all three charges which alleged that:

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  • Sister who reversed her car and killed her older sister granted 12 months' conditioned discharge

    A shopping spree for two “very close” sisters ended tragically. One is dead and the other will have to "carry the burden other sister’s death to her own grave". Choo Hong Moi, 45, had reversed her car into her sister Ah Keow, 47, that day - May 30, 1984 - severely injuring the older woman.

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  • Plumber's jail term reduced from 9 to 5 years for stabbing his employer to death

    A plumber who, in July last year, was jailed nine years for manslaughter should be a free man next week. This is because Liew Ah Seng had his sentence reduced to five years after an appeal

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  • Man acquitted of strangling his father to death

    A man was cleared yesterday of a charge of hurting his father, who died shortly after. The court accepted his lawyer’s argument that the only reason he used force on his 54-year-old father that day was to prevent him from further violence.

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